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***We're in the beta-testing phase of this service, please check back often for our official launch!

Without even knowing you if you’re reading this I know an undeniable truth about you, you’ve been through some shit! There’s different levels of going through shit and some are more intense than others but who couldn’t use a little encouragement every now and then?


HOST 4 G Ecards are a perfect gift to send to someone who's going through some shit, just getting out of some shit, or about to go into some shit. HOST 4 G Ecards is an acronym for Healing Our Shit Together For Greatness Electronic Cards



Our HOST 4 G Ecards have 3 tiers -


FREE (BETA TESTING) - Totally customizable, great selection and available NOW!


PREMIUM - Amazing premade Ecards and Digital Ecards (fully animated  ecards). COMING SOON!


SHITIZENS PREMIUM - Amazing premade Shitizens themed Ecards and Digital Ecards (fully animated  ecards) featuring The Shitizens characters and content from The Shitizensverse. COMING SOON!

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